VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) is an independent international research and technology organization (RTO) based in Flanders, Belgium. VITO focuses its research agenda on today's major societal challenges and accelerates the transition to a sustainable world through policy support and strengthening the Flemish economic fabric. One of the central themes is health, creating innovations that enable preventive and affordable healthcare.

The internationally accepted insight that there is a need for a more personalized, preventive and participatory approach within health means a transition to a more data-driven ecosystem with a need for proper access to longitudinal and multifaceted personal data. Since 2017, VITO has therefore been actively looking for concepts to shape this through citizen participation in a way where legislation, ethics, privacy, R&D and economic growth go hand in hand.


Imec is the world's leading research and innovation hub in nanoelectronics and digital technology, founded in 1984 in Leuven, Belgium, as an independent non-profit organization. Imec maximizes societal and economic impact by creating smart sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life.

Using digital technology, imec aims to achieve local, societal and economic impact. We support the public and private sector by looking for technological and data-driven approaches to complex problems in the application domains of cities, mobility & logistics and public health.

Complex problems or wicked problems have in common that they cannot be addressed by individual organizations. The public sector has an important role to play in addressing these problems because there is insufficient market activity. Cooperation with various governments, research centers, companies and civil society organizations is needed to enable important innovations and take the lead in investments to achieve breakthroughs.


MEDVIA is an industry-driven network promoting innovations in healthcare. Founded as a public-private partnership with the Flemish government, MEDVIA facilitates and supports collaborations between health technology companies, research institutions, universities, hospitals and patient advocacy groups. All of our members are committed to working together to support innovation for better health at the intersection of biotechnology, life sciences and digital technology.

From the intense collaboration between the members, MEDVIA can offer strong experience in organizing all kinds of services and activities around communication, dissemination and matchmaking. This makes MEDVIA the ideal partner to reach the right industrial partners who can develop interesting business cases based on the knowledge made available within this COOCK project.


The COOCK SAVE DATA project is funded by VLAIO (ref. HBC.2021.0558)