Realizing healthcare transitions together

From collected health data to insights. SAVE DATA is committed to making data, technology building blocks and knowledge available to make both curative and preventive health more accessible.

Sharing data and tools in a secure, ethical and transparent way promotes data-driven research and development which accelerates innovations in healthcare.

A trustworthy ecosystem

To lower the barrier to data-driven R&D and create a level playing field to accelerate new health innovations we are building an open and trusted ecosystem by separating data and services and placing the data with the individual.


Connecting the dots


Through matchmaking we offer you the opportunity to find the right technology building blocks and knowledge for your business case. 

Working out a business case: A business case is looked at from a mini-ecosystem point of view, so that the companies involved get sufficient guarantees that not only the technology but also the broader target group is ready to make the shift, and enough data can be shared to make the company-specific cases successful and sustainable.

Roadshows: During the roadshows we will give a demonstration of the technology building blocks offered.