SAVE DATA stands for 'SAmen transitions in healthcare realize From VErcollected health DATA to insights'. The Coock project aims to make data, technological building blocks and knowledge available to make preventive and curative health (pathways) more accessible to all players in the social pentagon (individuals, knowledge institutions, governments, businesses/nonprofits, and funders). And to do so in a safe, ethical and transparent manner.

Different factors affect our health, which is why data for preventive and curative health involve many different types of data. They include, for example, personal lifestyle and well-being data (nutrition apps, sports apps, etc.); (real world) clinical data (data from clinical trials and cohort studies such as blood results, imaging, patient surveys, etc.); historical data and context data (social contacts, epidemiological models, meteorological data, etc.).

What does Save Data do?

We want to lower barriers to create data-driven R&D and create a level playing field to accelerate new innovations. To achieve this, we want to build an open and trusted ecosystem by separating data and services and placing the data with the individual.

We provide multiple technology building blocks that industrial parties can work with to develop a business case. Through roadshows and matchmaking events, we try to bring the right parties together. Even those who are not developing a business case can exchange a lot of knowledge about the building blocks of the SAVE DATA project through the roadshows.


  • Matchmaking events: Through matchmaking we offer you the opportunity to find the right technology building blocks and knowledge for your business case. This can come from the SAVE DATA project partners as well as from other participating parties.
  • Working out business case: A business case is looked at from a mini-ecosystem point of view, so that the companies involved get sufficient guarantees that not only the technology but also the broader target group is ready to make the shift, and enough data can be shared to make the company-specific cases successful and sustainable.
  • Roadshows: During the roadshows we will give a demonstration of the technology building blocks offered.

Read the detailed information in our leaflet.